Community Masterminds

Community Masterminds

Community Masterminds at the London Vet Show

Community Masterminds at the London Vet Show

With the convenience of social networks and veterinary professionals often geographic isolated and time-poor, it’s no surprise the recent years have seen the rise of both open and closed online veterinary communities. Many vet professionals are turning to Facebook groups for peer support on everything from clinical questions to lifehacks. So, the London Vet Show becomes the perfect platform to gather these online communities live in person, to discuss topics that are important to them.

What is a Community Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a way of learning based on crowd-sourced information and spontaneous participant interaction. We will share the topics that will be discussed before the London Vet Show, so you can prepare some thoughts. You can register to attend our exclusive sessions limited to approximately 20 people to encourage everyone at the table to have a voice. A facilitator will then introduce the session and define the outcome of the Mastermind. You and your peers will have 45-60 minutes to discuss the topic. The session will conclude with a summary of outcomes and an outro by the Facilitator. Each session has extended linger time after the official session is over for mingling and networking.

If you have something you want to say, advice to give or seek or and want to participate in a supportive environment, this is your opportunity. Not only will you meet like-minded veterinary professionals and discuss a topic important to you but you will be part of creating an important outcome action plan that will be published to encourage awareness and understanding of the community theme.

Take a look at last year Community Mastermind sessions

Vet Sustain

Theme: Shaping the priorities of the Vet Sustain community-championing sustainability in the veterinary profession 

Outcomes: As we are in our infancy in establishing this group, and because sustainability is such a broad topic, we hope to use the Mastermind session as a forum for shaping the priorities of the community. We hope to shortlist 5 priority areas for our agenda with tangible outcomes.

Simply Locums

Theme:  How can locums and practices prepare to get the best out of each other 

Outcomes: To produce a framework for veterinary practices and locum staff to utilise prior to commencement of a first time position so that they can get the best out of each other and lead to a full and successful work placement for all parties.

BVA Young Vet Network

Theme: Gaining insights for new creative ideas to increase the profile, engagement and attendance of the YVN

Outcome: Increase the profile of the BVA Young Vet Network amongst vet students, recent graduates and the wider veterinary profession. Increase engagement and attendance at Young Vet Network events. Explore how we can support young vets within the Young Vet Network remit

Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify

Theme:  What do you want from a “Stay, Go, Diversify” work shadowing platform?

Outcome: Aims of a work shadowing service. Discuss and outline the idea of a work shadowing service and how the service would run. Including the responsibility of the placement and career tastees! What experience are community members and organizations looking for?


Theme: Making protecting your income simpler and avoiding financial paralysis

Outcome: Top 3 things that veterinary professionals want to know more about in order to take control of their financial prosperity.  This will then form the building blocks for the new community.

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Theme: At AVS, we’re very aware of the impacts of social media on students. While it’s easy to focus on the negatives, there are so many positives too - a great community providing support and encouragement, and easy contact with friends & colleagues. However, we want to better understand how veterinary students use social media, the bits about it they enjoy, and the parts they find difficult and challenging.

Outcome: After gathering more of an accurate opinion on how our members feel about social media we would use the session to either a) figure out how best to support our members on social media or b) come up with a plan to tackle specific issues with it that our members have.

Veterinary Spoonholders UK

Theme: Creating a set of primary goals for the launch of British Veterinary Health Support

Outcome: We hope to use this session to focus on the primary needs of our community and how we can initially work to drive these forward and to explore both community allies and those that we need to get on board. To provide a set of primary goals for the launch of British Veterinary Health Support.

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Theme: Exploring why it is often so difficult for us to discuss racism and discrimination in the profession

Outcome: Produce a priming document (for those working in D&I) of the collective experiences, barriers and issues faced by BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) veterinary in the ways in which race, ethnicity and discrimination is currently approached.


Theme: Creating guidance resources for practices and employers about supporting veterinary professionals returning to work after pregnancy loss

Outcome: We would like to produce a guidance document to send to practices and employers about supporting veterinary professionals returning to work after pregnancy loss. We would like to send this round to all practices. There will be generic information to help inform them better (as many of the negative experiences our members have faced are simply down to lack of knowledge and understanding), but we also want to highlight the veterinary specific challenges, like discussing in advance what to tell colleagues/clients, and having a conversation about work that might be tricky initially like reproduction/euthanasias.


Theme: Collating an advice pack for the benefits of enabling flexible working in practice, for both employers and employees

Outcome: Examples, ideas and robust evidence for the benefits of enabling flexible working in practice, for both employers and employees.#

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With thanks to our Community Mastermind sponsors

Supporting Vet Mums

Contented Vets is innovative reverse recruitment service designed to help vets find flexible roles that encourage work life balance. Designed and implemented by vet parents (the masters of getting stuff done with less fuss), it’s simple and free for vets. You complete our questionnaire. Contented Vets create you a stunning, individual and anonymised profile detailing your specific needs and unique talents. Contented Vets then show prospective employers your profile and discuss your needs with them to discover if they can offer a good fit. Plus, they only work with employers who share your values too!

Supporting Locums

Simply Locums is all about doing things differently for the betterment of the profession-if we all work together and try to help each other then the possibilities are endless. Wouldn't it be great if we all found the job that suited us and our needs? Life is too short to spend it unhappy, so we will make it simple.....we want to help you find your vet happy!

As part of the Simply Locums community you have the opportunity to be a part of the most exciting change in veterinary recruitment in living memory, so why not get involved?

Supporting Veterinary Spoonholders UK

Vet Dynamics help independent veterinary business owners improve practice performance and live a better quality of life. Vet Dynamics is not just a consultancy service but the UK’s largest independent veterinary community and a leading provider of veterinary business support and CPD around the world.

Supporting VetYou Financial Intelligence 

VetYou is a new veterinary led community that is aimed at helping all those who work in the veterinary industry to secure their future prosperity in a way that works for you, no matter what your career path or future holds. We know that understanding what you need and who you trust is tricky but we aim to make planning for your future easier, so you can enjoy the here and now.

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