Community Masterminds

Community Masterminds

What is a Community Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a way of learning based on crowd-sourced information and spontaneous participant interaction. We will share the topics that will be discussed before the London Vet Show, so you can prepare some thoughts. You can register to attend our exclusive sessions limited to approximately 20 people to encourage everyone at the table to have a voice. A facilitator will then introduce the session and define the outcome of the Mastermind. You and your peers will have 45-60 minutes to discuss the topic. The session will conclude with a summary of outcomes and an outro by the Facilitator. Each session has extended linger time after the official session is over for mingling and networking.

If you have something you want to say, advice to give or seek or and want to participate in a supportive environment, this is your opportunity. Not only will you meet like-minded veterinary professionals and discuss a topic important to you but you will be part of creating an important outcome action plan that will be published to encourage awareness and understanding of the community theme.

Learn more about each Community Mastermind

Vet Sustain

Vet Sustain formed this community to provide a forum for conversation & debate around veterinary sustainability and to generate resources & toolkits to enable veterinary teams to become more sustainable.

During the pandemic they have registered as a community interest company and been building their network. They've launched a #GreenerVeterinaryPractice Checklist along with BVA, BVNA & SPVS as well as strengthened their structures inc board & working groups. They have also had the opportunity to 'spread the word' by collaborating with UK veterinary associations as well as speaking at (virtual!) conferences & events globally inc Europe, USA, Australia and the Caribbean!

As a result of this community they have achieved improved engagement & leadership in sustainability - helping vets, vet nurses & practice staff to understand the global challenges a bit better and then respond to them appropriately; both within professional workplaces as well as in their lives more generally.

They hope to continue to develop their thought leadership in the sphere of veterinary sustainability - learn from one another where there are knowledge / evidence gaps, what types of resources & toolkits are most likely to drive behaviour change, and how they can best engage the whole sector, not just a small bunch of people who are passionate about the topic!

Their overall desired outcome of their community is to encourage more people to sign up to the BVA / Vet Sustain pledge on the BVA stand. It would be great for Vet Sustain to leave with some really clear feedback to help inform their strategy (and where they should focus resources) over the next 12mths. They also hope to leave LVS 2021 with another few allied organisations engaged with their work - veterinary associations and possibly corporate supporters.


VetYou was formed to empower individuals in the veterinary profession to reignite their ambition, and cultivate independence in their financial, professional and personal development. They are passionate about connecting YOU with financial professionals that enable you to take positive action with your finances, and to protect and build your income, your health and your future. They are breaking down the barriers and financial stigmas, by having the conversations that have been avoided for many years. They help to create open and safe spaces to discuss our relationship with finances and create a healthy money mindset.

For VetYou during the pandemic finances came into sharp focus for everyone from students to locums, owners to academics; it proved that we never truly know what is around the corner. Our community served as a place to help process uncertainty, provide tangible tips to regain financial control, feel less alone at “sea” and encourage individuals to take action no matter how small to future ‘proof yourself’ financially. Veterinary professionals have enough to deal with in caring for others and we want to ensure that looking after you doesn’t fall to the bottom of the to do pile! 

By having this community, they hope to create empowered and educated professionals who take action in their finances, as well as their personal and professional development. They are here to help others move through limiting beliefs around money, and make what were once difficult conversations to flow more easily. VetYou aims to be the home of independent YOU.

They want to gain a further understanding of the challenges that veterinary professionals are facing in finance, to enable them to create free educational content with the help of our trusted professional partners. VetYou is all about YOU, and hence they want to maximise this opportunity to really dig deep into what the community needs.


Vet MINDS was formed to support anyone in the veterinary profession dealing with miscarriage, infertility, neonatal death or stillbirth. They were aware that - like in many other areas - experiencing baby loss or infertility during the uncertainty and isolation of lockdown could be even more lonely. They wanted to find a point of connection for our community, and so they live-streamed a 'Wave of Light' service led just for our members. The 'Wave of Light' is a global event that marks the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week, where you light a candle for the little lives that have been lost.

Vet MINDS aims to provide support, friendship and understanding to other members of our profession through our shared experiences. As a community, they also seek to improve understanding of these difficult topics, and help start the conversation. They will be discussing how Vet MINDS could gather some research on the impact of baby loss and infertility in the profession.

Their desired outcome of the community mastermind is to formulate an action plan for what questions they would like to answer, and what the first steps would be for making this happen.



Vetmums formed this community to provide support and advice to parents in the veterinary industry, and to raise awareness of the issues facing parents within the veterinary community. 

During the pandemic they hosted Home Not School live sessions of crafts, yoga, baking, breastfeeding support, music and interesting topic sessions to provide some solidarity for those stuck at home with kids. WhatsApp groups were set up for new mums to provide support and community during lockdowns where live perinatal groups could not happen.

Their purpose as a community is most importantly, to say ‘You got this!’ by providing reassurance around those times when parenting feels impossible. Also, to facilitate sharing of tips and ideas to make the parenting journey easier, with a bias towards science and evidence based information. To create a place to raise the profile of issues and generate ideas and positive actions to help parents in the profession achieve work-life balance.

Now the group has grown to nearly 5000 members they are facing the challange of figuring out what direction, outcomes, resources etc. would the community like to see. How do they make these actionable and sustainable. Therefore, their desired outcome would be a list of some first steps action points to realising their potential.

BVCIS - British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support

BVCIS created their community as a way to organise their ideas and targets. 

They are in the final stages of formalising as a charity, and have just completed the appointment of a trustees board. They now have a team of 10 individuals from all areas of the profession, recent graduates, vets, nurses, industry and those who've warn many different hats. They have also developed a core team of volunteers to help them grow and develop as an organisation. They have been invited to join the RCVS Diversity and Inclusion Groups and will attend their first meeting in September. They are very excited for the opportunity to give voice to our community and help to shape the future direction of our profession. Furthermore, they have worked collaboratively with several partners BVA, SPVS, RCVS Mind Matters Initiative, VDS, BVEDS and BVLGBT+ to start conversations and raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by those in the profession living and working with chronic illness and disability.

Their goals for the community are three fold:

1. Support- BVCIS aims to provide support to those working in the profession, both by building a strong community and by providing resources to those who need them.

2. Education- BVCIS aims to help educate the wider veterinary community on what it is like to live with chronic illness and disability, and how they can support colleagues who are having to live with ill-heath.

3. Advocacy- BVCIS aims to represent those with chronic illness and disability working throughout the profession, and ally with and support those who share our aims in these spheres.

They are currently trying to overcome how best to develop education and training tools to raise awareness of the issues and challenges faced by those within the veterinary world with chronic illness and disability. Furthermore, what are the key themes and areas they want to educate on and the best ways go about this. So their most desired outcome from this community is to establish key themes from which they can develop education and training resources to offer to stakeholders within the wider veterinary community.

Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify (VSGD)

Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify (VSGD) is an international community of veterinary professionals who support each other in pursuing fulfilling careers. Their mission is to help connect like-minded people and provide support on the journey to a successful career. They inspire with worlds of opportunities that are open to you within the clinic, in new ventures, or beyond the profession. They also showcase where a vet passport can take you, helping our group discover what’s out there, meet fellow explorers and hear from those who have successfully stayed in the clinic, left the profession or diversified their careers. 

The VSGD Facebook group is a community forum of 16.5k+ members intended to provide a forum for free, independent and safe exchange of information between veterinarians considering diversification of their careers as well as for veterinarians to receive advice for how to remain satisfied in the clinic. They provide resources, development opportunities and events to help veterinary professionals thrive in practice and beyond. This includes conferences providing career support and CPD through panel discussions, small group workshops and TED-Style talks. 

As a digitally based resource for the veterinary profession, they have been ideally placed to help the community through the pandemic. In addition, they have lead with three main initiatives 

  • In partnership with 2 other online communities, led the organisation and delivered the Global Veterinary Careers Summit - across 5 time zones in North America, Europe and Australia, they delivered 4 days of career development content, including lectures, workshops, networking and self paced learning. This was delivered to over 1,000 delegates globally and gained sponsorship from global pharmaceutical, nutrition and veterinary services companies. 

  • At the request of the Association of Veterinary Students, organised and delivered the Big Student Careers Fair. This not for profit event was delivered to 1,000 students from 64 vet schools in 24 countries with 22 hours of content. This event was driven by the lack of careers fairs at the vets schools due to the pandemic. 

  • Launched VSGD Careers - this sister group to Vets Stay Go Diversify had been in existence for several years as a simple jobs posting and discussion group. In 2020, we evolved the group to be a paid advertising platform, leveraging the unique nature of the group and our ability to deliver engaging content for both advertisers and job candidates themselves. After 10 months, we have helped hundreds of practices effectively advertise for new staff, hosted approximately 40 Interview the Boss events and crafting company profiles. This has enabled recruitment by softening the impact of travel restrictions due to the pandemic and helped members become candidates or companies of choice in turbulent times. 

Success for VSGD is fostering the career journey conversation for their members, whether they decide to stay as vets, leave the profession or diversify using their veterinary credentials. This includes reframing how they feel about veterinary work, equipping them to move jobs or careers and most importantly showcasing the opportunities available to the veterinary profession. 

The VSGD community was founded as a private Facebook group 5 years ago. Since then, social media has moved on and the most recent graduates who are the next generation of VSGDers, are not native Facebook users, perhaps not even using Facebook at all. They have alternative social media preferences such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and new tools. VSGD needs to engage with these new generations through other social media platforms to widen access and engagement with the community. 

They will use the Community Mastermind to explore how we future-proof the VSGD community, generate inclusivity, increase the community reach and engagement and make sure that VSGD provides the services needed. For example:

  • Gather feedback on preferred social media platforms 

  • Explore becoming a membership platform based community and how to achieve that  

  • Gather feedback on tools and services that are needed for this newer generation of graduates and early in career veterinary surgeons.  

The Veterinary Human Factors Community

This group was formed on Facebook to provide a forum for discussion and for sharing of ideas and current Human Factors topics/research/work ongoing. The group now numbers almost 700 members of the veterinary community. Since the pandemic began, and really as time moves forward more generally, the conversation surrounding Human Factors in the veterinary field has grown exponentially.

By setting up this group they hope to educate veterinary teams (clinical and non-clinical) in the non-technical skills which lead to high-performing veterinary teams.

They are currently focused on overcoming what  factors limit the conversation about Human Factors reaching veterinary teams in practice. The veterinary community is under huge pressure in terms of time and staffing. This has been amplified by both Covid and Brexit. The Human Factors message can be missed due to not being seen as immediately clinically relevant. However, lack of learning on this essential topic leads to a lack of knowledge which has a profoundly negative impact on teams and patients. In a high-stress, time-poor workplace, it has never been more important to get the message out about practising safe, efficient veterinary medicine, and forming high-performing veterinary teams who are supported to excel in a stressful environment. They believe the wellbeing and performance of their teams should be top of the veterinary agenda. But it is often missed. The question remains, how can this important message be best communicated to all veterinary teams?

To overcome these challenges they hope to gain an understanding of what limits veterinary team from understanding Human Factors. A plan engaging veterinary teams on the topic of Human Factors and why it benefits all veterinary professionals to be trained in this area. The plan would embrace how to spread knowledge about Human Factors to real teams in real practices on the ground, to most effectively communicate how it positively impacts on performance and patient safety, and the benefits of cultural change to mental health and wellbeing.

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