14-15 NOVEMBER 2024

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Community Masterminds


Join the Community Mastermind Sessions at the London Vet Show

A dedicated space for groups and communities to gather live, engage in discussions, and debate issues specific to their interests, all within a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment

Share advice, seek guidance, and participate in a supportive setting. Meet like-minded veterinary professionals, discuss important topics, and contribute to creating action plans published to raise awareness and foster community understanding.

What is a Community Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a learning method that leverages crowd-sourced information and spontaneous participant interaction. Prior to the London Vet Show, we will share the discussion topics to help you prepare. A facilitator will kick off the session, outlining the goals of the Mastermind. You and your peers will then have 45-60 minutes to discuss the topic. The session will wrap up with a summary of the outcomes and a closing by the facilitator. Additionally, there will be extended time after the official session for mingling and networking

How can you take part?

Due to high demand, most sessions are pre-booked, but walk-ups are always welcome. Secure your spot through the official app starting in August.

Gallery Suite 6
  1. Gallery Suite 6
    Guiding the future of anti-racist vet / Nursing education
    How can we better support racial and ethnic diversity in the veterinary professions and higher educa ...
  2. Gallery Suite 6
    Career progression for parenting professionals
    It can be challenging enough to juggle parenting with working as a professional in veterinary practi ...
  3. Gallery Suite 6
    Team collaboration for better anesthesia outcomes and increased patient safety
  4. Gallery Suite 6
    Contextualised care: Implementing the theory
    Think you know all about Contextualised Care? Come and find out in this interactive session on the i ...
  5. Gallery Suite 6
    From social media to the stage: Moving into speaking
    Empowering Veterinary Content Creators for Public Speaking In this session, we will delve into why m ...
  6. Gallery Suite 6
    How can we encourage entrepreneurship amongst veterinary women?
    For a thriving and sustainable veterinary profession, it’s important that women feel enabled and emp ...
  7. Gallery Suite 6
    Deep dive: Crafting your dream practice business plan
    Join us for a continuation of the New Practice Academy session. Delve deeper into the details of you ...
Gallery Suite 6
  1. Gallery Suite 6
    The last decade has seen fundamental progress made towards LGBT+ equality in the UK and around the w ...
  2. Gallery Suite 6
    Disability survey outcomes: Using spoonie community experiences to design the next steps for an accessible and inclusive profession
    This year our Community Mastermind is an opportunity to bring together key stakeholders  alongside o ...
  3. Gallery Suite 6
    Active allyship: Immersive workshop on challenging scenarios
    Active Allyship is an immersive workshop to level up your understanding of how to react when difficu ...
  4. Gallery Suite 6
    Our second ever Neurodiversity Community Mastermind will build on the outputs from the first session ...
  5. Gallery Suite 6
    Navigation with Veterinary Voices Hiking Group
    Lead with confidence  Last year at our LVS Community Mastermind, we talked to our group - new and ol ...
  6. Gallery Suite 6
    To err is human? Unpacking the concept of ‘human error’ in veterinary practice.
    Patient Safety and ‘error’ in veterinary practice: "reframing error for safer patient outcomes and m ...

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