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Community Masterminds

Community Masterminds at the London Vet Show - NEW for 2019!

Community Masterminds at the London Vet Show - NEW for 2019!

With the convenience of social networks and veterinary professionals often geographic isolated and time-poor, it’s no surprise the past five years has seen  the rise of both open and closed online veterinary communities. Many vet professionals are turning to Facebook groups for peer support on everything
from clinical questions to lifehacks.

The London Vet Show is the perfect platform to gather these online communities live in person, to discuss topics that are important to them.

What is a Community Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a way of learning based on crowd-sourced information and spontaneous participant interaction. We will share the topics that will be discussed before the London Vet Show, so you can prepare some thoughts. You can register to attend our exclusive sessions limited to approximately 20 people to encourage everyone at the table to have a voice. A facilitator will then introduce the session and define the outcome of the Mastermind. You and your peers will have 45-60 minutes to discuss the topic. The session will conclude with a summary of outcomes and an outro by the Facilitator. Each session has extended linger time after the official session is over for mingling and networking.

Why join in a Community Mastermind?

If you have something you want to say, advice to give or seek or
and want to participate in a supportive environment, this is your
opportunity. Not only will you meet like-minded veterinary professionals
and discuss a topic important to you but you will be part of creating
an important outcome action plan that will be published to encourage
awareness and understanding of the community theme.

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Community Mastermind
  1. Community Mastermind
    How to encourage flexible working in practice Examples, ideas and robust evidence for the benefits o ...
  2. Community Mastermind
    Exploring why it is often so difficult for us to discuss racism and discrimination in the profession ...
  3. Community Mastermind
    Generate ideas on how we can help future colleagues - from educating employers in how to support us ...
  4. Community Mastermind
    The spoonies group will shortly be launching British Veterinary Health Support We hope to use this s ...

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