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Zoetis Learning Academy

  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Are you struggling to understand where faecal testing fits in small animal practice?Don't wormers cover everything anyway?Reluctant to get to grips with faecal samples?Discover why faecal testing is a ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    There are a number of public health considerations regarding the environmental impact of both pets and the parasites they may be carrying. From vector borne disease through to egg shedding of intestin ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Can a diagnostic platform be intelligent? Vetscan Imagyst utilises cloud based artificial intelligence (AI) integrated with a network of remote expert clinical pathologists to help you provide the bes ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Haematology is an important component of the minimum database evaluation and provides valuable diagnostic insight into our patients health status, but what happens if the numbers aren’t enough or even ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Many factors influence the success of a course of treatment prescribed by a veterinarian. Even if the correct diagnosis was made and the most effective treatment prescribed, the therapeutic outcome ma ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Poor owner compliance is a challenge veterinary professionals face on a daily basis. Poor compliance leads to unfavourable outcomes for the pet, the vet and the owner. Until fairly recently, the reaso ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    As vets we think of ourselves as the primary health provider for animals. But, your clients are also a vital part of your team – as they deliver most of their pet’s healthcare. They are the gatekeeper ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    There are now fantastic products that can significantly improve the quality of life of many of our patients living with chronic conditions. But prescribing these treatments is just the start of the jo ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Nerve growth factor is a key mediator of synovial joint pain. Twenty years of research has led to the stage where it is now possible to block the action of this molecule in arthritic joints using mono ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    A holistic approach to recognising and managing feline OA for the whole veterinary team. Attendees will understand the role of all staff members in the recgonition of feline OA Attendees will be able ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    This talk will look at the research into what cat owners are willing to do if/when they are made aware their cat is suffering from osteoarthritis. It will look to our perceptions and whether they are ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    Osteoarthritis is recognised as a slowly progressive disease with function declining over time due to multiple contributing pathologies. The patients experience of OA is through pain and this creates ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    An interactive case based presentation discussing the importance of performing cytology as part of working up patients with dermatological problems. Explaining when, how and the impact on influencing ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    An investigation of pet owners’ willingness to pay (WTP) for improvements in quality of life (QoL) and other therapy outcomes in acute canine pruritus. Dog owners value and are WTP for improvements in ...
  1. Zoetis Learning Academy
    This lecture will cover practical usage of both Apoquel and Cytopoint in clinical practice and when and where to use each. We will look at recent data on the allergic dermatitis claim for Cytopoint an ...

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